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Anywhere I go I am noticed for my talent and creativity. My workmanship speaks

for itself.

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    The City of New Orleans Programming Administrative Manager, Since May 2014 This by far is the most dynamic of all work experiences. I was originally hired as an Office Assistant. Transformation began upon the decision I'd be successful in marketing. Success means a 180% increase in social media presence and agency awareness of its importance as a professional tool. Now, under the supervision of the Executive team, I am responsible for the daily management of Volunteer programs and operations. This position has tested my ingenuity and strengthened my tolerance of adversity. Sewerage and Water Board New Orleans Technical Writer, September 2018 – May 2019 The great thing about technical writing is that it’s broad and versatile. Here, I used my writing ability to take difficult to understand technical language that was the billing system, and break them down into easy to understand items of correspondence. ExemptMeNow Special Projects Associate, May 2018 – August 2018 ExemptMeNow was a digitally-powered document preparation software developed to assist the average person in achieving 501(c)(3) recognition of tax exemptions. The platform simplifies the creation, and compliance processes for startups and existing nonprofits. I spent a short time spent here but it was an incredible learning experience. It allowed me to follow my passion for helping others, and it exemplified my want to stay in the non-profit industry. Between writing narratives, and managing customer relations, this occupation was a true test of my agility. WVUE FOX8 NEWS Assistant News Specialist March 2014 – July 2018. My News career culminated in the writing of breaking news stories for both the internet and live broadcasts at this FOX affiliate. This experience is the most compelling of them all. As a Production Assistant, my writing and work ethic became renowned and eventually landed me as one of the News Content Specialists. Distributing scripts evolved into writing my own.
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    Endurance Worldwide insurance Technical Assistant, October 2013 – March 2014 Endurance taught me to surround myself with people who pushed me to my limits. I knew nothing about commercial insurance but I was a quick learner and a good writer. Additionally, I would liaise with clients and internal underwriters to assist the customer in achieving their goals. The Yellow Pages Verification Specialist, July 2013 – October 2013 I wouldn't be surprised if this job no longer exists at any advertisement company. While this experience happened well before social media sponsored ads, this experience perfectly prepped me for what is now insights and analytics. JPMorgan Chase Operations Senior Specialist, February 2012 – March 2013 CHASE was a real "welcome" to the life of a working adult. My first real administrative job while a graduate student was quite the personal challenge. This job was complex, but the pay was handsome enough to get me through grad-school. Here, I endured a tough work environment, developed my own leadership skills, and conquered my "quarter-life crisis". KTVE NBC 10 News & KARD FOX 14 News Production Assistant, July 2010 – February 2012 My first job at a network affiliate was a rite of passage into News Broadcasting. A bonus was witnessing first hand the transition from analog to digital broadcasting, and, the introduction of social media as an additional platform for delivering the news and connecting with audiences. . KCRT Office Assistant, Summer 2010 The staff at this local cable TV station blew me away with their willingness to share their time and wisdom! I was introduced to scriptwriting software and robotic cameras for the first time. This is also my only professional experience in program development, pitch preparation, and treatment drafting. Alamar Productions Intern, Summer 2009 My mentor's crash-course seminars opened my eyes to exciting new elements of television production. While the classroom taught me theories and rules of broadcasting, this internship taught me the execution. This is where I began non-linear editing. Grambling State University B.A. and M.A in Mass Communication, earned 2006-2012 Grambling showed me what I love to do, gifted me with a love for learning, and surrounded me with a wealth of like minded peers and inspiring faculty. My four years as an undergraduate introduced me to the concept of networking. The following 2 years as a graduate student pushed me to expand, challenge, and adjust my worldview. My engagement in the university's media programs exercised my creative muscle, sparked my obsession with reaching people digitally, and challenged my ability to push through challenging ventures to completion

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This is me

Social media platforms, blog writing, and content management systems are my professional expertise, but it is worth noting that I am exceptionally skilled in Program management. A stickler for planning and organizing, I believe success is 80% mindset & 20% strategy.

A TRUE millennial! So, yes, my life is on my iPhone and I do have an unorthodox way of solving problems (spoiler: it usually involves a computer). One thing that remains consistent from one experience to another is my ingenuity, and unfaltering ability to produce results.  

My professional experience with various digital media has given me an overall knowledge of utilizing these tools to not only promote a product, but to also wield influence. 

I often find myself bridging the gap between traditional admin functions and the current digital trends.

The most valuable outcome of my experience in administrative functions is my ability to manage a portfolio of projects and programs with full success. To me, the very fundamental purpose of life is to find out how many skills I can acquire that have utility, and then put that utility to the test in service of something greater than myself. 

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This is my System

Be Resourceful

​Help people

Prioritize the Endgame
Be Crafty, Witty, and Relentless
Find the Lesson in Every Mistake
Believe in Change
Invest in Ideas That Matter

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